About Us

For over 25 years, we have maintained our original philosophy... provide top-quality 

products that will stand the test of time and ensure our customers are always satisfied. 

Your feedback and loyalty tells us we’ve succeeded!


                                                                                                                                Larry Clark, Owner

It all started over 25 years ago, when I was marketing unique, high-quality European fabrics. A restaurant owner
visiting our showroom asked, “Can you make custom tablecloths from this fabric for my restaurant?” He was
intrigued by not only the attractiveness of the “Just Wipe Clean” material, but the potential for cost savings.

It didn’t take long for “Just Wipe Clean” tablecloths to become a popular alternative to rented linens for retirement
communities, caterers, retreat centers, golf clubs and of course, restaurants! Customers were delighted with the
ease of care and with no laundering or linen rentals, costs were immediately reduced.

Since our initial success with “Just Wipe Clean” products, we have expanded to include “Comfy Mat”, a remarkable
product that transforms any space into an inviting, warm area with safe and attractive cushioned floors. It’s perfect
for concrete and tile floors and helps with sound-proofing and slip-prevention. Our customer feedback has been
overwhelmingly positive. We invite you to contact us for a sample.

And, now we’re delighted to introduce our new “Luke & Loolu” line of fun, colorful and durable items for children.
Bibs, aprons, lunch bags and art mats are featured in this line. We’re carrying the “Just Wipe Clean” concept
a step further — kids love these products for their colorful designs and moms and dads love the practicality!

Please contact us for swatches of “Just Wipe Clean” fabrics – And as always, we welcome your
feedback. Just drop us an email: admin@fabricationsinc.com.


Sincerely, Larry Clark