Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Table linens?

Whether casual, formal, trendy, or fun, table linens set the tone for your dining establishment, special event, or dinner party. Traditional cloth linens set high guest expectations for the quality of the meal and entire dining experience. They are the first impression or “appetizer,” as one might say, as people gather around the table.

Why Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths?

For all of the reasons above, and more. Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths are designed with premium European fabrics for elegance and beauty, and they have an easy-care finish that repels stains. They have the elegance, style, and soft feel of fine table linens but when it comes to Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths, accidental spills can be immediately wiped up without interrupting service or negatively affecting your guests’ dining experience. Just Wipe Clean™ cloths also eliminate the need to replace the linens each time a table is turned.

Are Just Wipe Clean™ Tablecloths and Fabrics Eco friendly? 

Because they don’t need to be washed on a daily basis, Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths and fabrics reduce the amount water and detergents released into our environment. When you do need to launder them, they can be washed and dried at lower temperatures conserving energy. Sustainability-minded businesses and families not only reduce their environmental footprint, they save money as well by using less water, detergents, and energy. In other words, going green can mean saving green!

Our Eco-friendly fabrics are safe for contact with food, non-toxic, AZO-DYE-free, and DO NOT CONTAIN lead or PVC.   

How will I save money?

Designed with premium European fabrics Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths have an easy care finish that repels stains.  They require fewer washes at lower wash and dry temperatures than plain cloth linens, which can save up to 70% on linen-related laundry expenses.  

How do I care for my Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths?

To help protect your investment and maintain your tablecloths at their very best, we recommend that your staff follow these daily care instructions:

After each seating:

 Wipe tablecloths clean with a damp cloth, using a mild detergent. Dry with a soft cloth.  Do not allow food or liquid spills to set and /or dry.  Make sure that any detergent, cleaner, or sanitizer used on the tablecloths do not contain bleach.  If a food spill does become caked, or a liquid spill has dried, spot clean it using plenty of water and mild liquid soap.


  Before stacking or storing your tablecloths, ensure that they are clean and completely dry.  The underside of your tablecloth must remain completely dry after they're stacked or stored to prevent mildew. Dry thoroughly with a soft towel or paper toweling before stacking.


 Wash your tablecloths at 30 degrees Celsius.  Use detergent sparingly and rinse thoroughly.  Fabric softener is not advised.  Tumble-drying on a low setting is permitted.  If necessary, the tablecloth can be ironed on the back side only using a low setting.  


 Between washings, use a quaternary ammonia sanitizer to disinfect your tablecloth. As with all cleaners used on your tablecloths, do not use a sanitizer containing bleach.

 Although Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths are stain-resistant, they are not stain-proof, nor are they completely resistant to wear-and-tear over a long period of time. In addition to following the easy daily care instructions, please take note of the following precautions:

  • Wipe mustard spills up immediately. Mustard contains turmeric, which is used as a yellow dye and will stain many hard surfaces, fabrics, and vinyl. Tomato-based foods also can cause staining if not cleaned off quickly.
  • Centerpiece and decorative materials not normally used on table tops, such as terra cotta pots or metals that rusts, will stain any fabric including Just Wipe Clean™ fabrics.  If you must use these materials or any questionable item, place them on top of a on top of a protective surface such as hard plastic, china, or ceramic base plate.
  • Keep your tablecloths out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time to avoid premature fading.
I have several different sized tables. Can you accommodate my needs?

Yes!  All Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths are custom made.  Just follow our easy measuring directions link: – we’ll take care of the rest. If your request is for a personal use tablecloth size put in "Home Use" for company name.    

Can Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths be used outdoors?

Yes! Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths are the ultimate in versatility – suitable for indoor or patio use.

What if you don't have a design to suit my needs?

We will be happy to personally discuss your design requirements and will do our best to find what you are looking for.

How long will my Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths last?

Just Wipe Clean™ tablecloths are restaurant quality, which means they are extremely durable. With regular use, you can expect your tablecloth to last several years.

Can I get free sample swatches?

We can send you swatches of different colors and designs. You will need to provide us with your business name (if applicable), contact name, address and phone number. Please make your request on the Contact Us page of this web site.

Why table pads?

Table pads are an optional item. They cushion the table surface, reducing noise and costly breakage of glass and china. They have an anti-slip property that will prevent your tablecloth from sliding.